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Default Re: My mate making Tyson Fury smash his caravan up...

Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
Am I right in thinking you have some gypsy heritage? If so obviously you have reasons for your belief but I disagree. Racial slurs are based on relevant historical prejudice which is why no insult based around a white persons skin will ever equal the n word. Gypsies (not sure if thats an offensive term) have not faced the kind of persecution in recent years for the word gyppo to have the same connotations as other racial insults.

That said people would not be laughing it off if someone was tweeting Khan calling him a curry muncher or Froch a ****. Actually its ESB so they probably would be. For the record I have no problem with racial slurs.

Did he really say travellers rule sports? Apart from within boxing and I assume hurling I have never heard of a travellers sportsman.
They had Willo Flood... failed Man City player, and didn't Swansea used to have a traveller footballer at one point?

Yep, really dominating sportes there.
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