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Default Re: James Toney vs Chris Eubank At SMW

Originally Posted by Mod-Mania View Post
What do you believe Eubank has that could get the better of Toney? The only advantage Eubank has is power but that wouldn't be an issue since Toney has a great chin. He may well beat the Toney who fought Tiberi but that's the only time imo
First I believe Toney is way over rated....I think he was very good/ border line great (similar to how I feel about Eubank, as well), but not nearly as unbeatable (well, many think he would simply beat any one not named RJJ) as some make him out to be.

Both are brilliant (IMHO) counter punchers, and I don't think this would be an exciting fight in any way....perhaps in the mold of RJJ/Hop's in that I don't believe either will risk a whole lot...Due to that I think Chris would be the busier fighter...I always felt Toney did himself a diservice by taking off far to many rounds and minutes at times inside of rounds, going back to McCallum and beyond. I think Chris's reflexes would frustrate Toney to a similar degree that RJJ did....I am not sure I would say Chris is more powerful, but in this fight the power of both would be negated by both chins and likely won't be a major factor....I like Chris's timing, speed, reflexes and athleticism to trump Toney's better fundementals, and defensive skills.
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