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Default Re: The Diaz Brothers Belong in Pro Boxing

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
Kimbo Slice?
Yes, I would expect a similar rise through the Sport as Kimbo had in MMA.

My thinking is that it's a risk worth taking, but life is Chess not Checkers I get it my fellow esbers and it's nice to see this thread develop in true esb fashion. I know, outrageous isn't it? Because top 3-5 in the premiere organization in the World is a very good spot, but I just don't see them having much more success in the Sport. Success, as in attaining your goals. If they never win and defend UFC Gold I will be right and view this time as a missed opportunity. I also don't see them competing in MMA 10 years from now, but we shall see what the future holds.

I'll admit, I think the two would rather walk opponents down and throw hands in the cage, but only as far as they (and the rest of you) can see..... What BobDigi sees is that The Game don't wait, and they will continue to be outclassed by the next generation of fighters. There is money to be made in Boxing, and they should go and get theirs. Sport fans all over the World would eat a Boxing venture up, and if it's WAR they are having on Friday Night Fights then so be it because it'll be worthwhile.
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