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Default Re: Eddie Hearn just said on twitter that they're trying to put the fight back 3-4 we

They are clearly reading on here about peoples thoughts on all the pullouts, and clearly learning from W-arrens mistakes. They are looking to capitalize on that, and look great in public image in doing it.

They are already trying to shine, all smiles for the cameras, and trying very hard to get that image, I dont think I've been bombarded with so much PR since I've been watching Boxing. And with the Hearns at the helm this is sure to continue, the fighters arent just fighters anymore, they are objects to be moved around to sell fights. And because Sly know how the zombie population works, (paying hundreds of pounds a month for subscriptions.) They can basically tell these people how to think and feel about these fighters. I heard it from the horses mouth before, "As long as people keep wanting it we'll keep providing it"....

Carl Froch is presented as a man of the dont know him, but YOU WILL believe the same.

Zombies: "Oh yehhhhh, Carl Froch, man of the people he is!"

I seen it with the darts when they monopolized that.

Its just uncle tom group think aimed at stereotypical demographics, Sly are the worst for it.....come on then, come and "plant" me shills, make me look wrong, make me look bad.

This ****hole knows what he is on about, and you do to!

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