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Default Re: My mate making Tyson Fury smash his caravan up...

Originally Posted by icemax View Post
You did reference Skills though, and he isn't from Irish traveler stock.

Regardless, the OPs mate obviously has far too much time on his hands....if he has something to say he should say it to the mans face or shut the **** up in my opinion. Twitter appears to have the ability to turn men into little silly girls.
I have no idea about skills background I just have some memory from an ancient thread from when I first joined. I'm really not explaining my point well but to simplify it some racial slurs have less impact than others based on the historical prejudice associated. IMO the word "gyppo" whilst offensive doesn't have nearly the same amount of relevant historical prejudice compared to other racial slurs for asians, blacks etc in the UK. For the record I did mention that if he'd done the equivalent to someone of asian/black ancestry it would be treated differently. In no small part due to the medias portrayal of gypsies particularly over the last few years. I do agree with the last part. Fury should know better than to respond to twitter abuse though.

Anyway this is absolute lounge chat,
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