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Default Re: James Toney vs Chris Eubank At SMW

Originally Posted by Mod-Mania View Post
Because like i said apart from punching power Toney has an advantage in most other things which should be enough to him the decision imo. As for Toney only being able to get to the Eubank that lost to Collins, what about the one that just got past Ray Close in 2 fights or even worse the one that got a gift decision against fat boy club fighter Dan Schommer?
I assume???? that you have an anti- Chris agenda??? That is fine, I am just not interested in dealing w/ that disguised as a discussion. Chris has the power punching advantage (not sure how many agree)...and then you give every other area...without listing one....boxing is very rarely quite that simple, but if that works for you....(" Fighter a will beat fighter b becasues...well he is better at most things, is not an ****ysis.)

As for the second part, you mentioned Tiberi, I merely mentoned Collins as a rebuttal to show that, it was a flawed statement from a logic position....Meaning we are taking the best version of both and placing them in a hypothetical....Your criticism on Eubanks further shows you didn't really want reasons or a much as you wanted to further an agenda...

Toney is a fine pick, I just still don't know why you pick him....except of course that he is better at most things whatever that might mean????
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