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Default Re: First Amir Khan Workout Video With Virgil Hunter

Originally Posted by Dynamito_2012 View Post
People talking about glass chin all the time is ridiculous. No matter the amount of training, any fighter gets hit with a certain shot, they will go down. I know it's been said many times, but if you look back at the 4th round against Garcia, he took some big shots on the chin, especially on the ropes. He got caught on the neck with a hook, that's it. He got caught against Prescott with a big punch. I very much doubt that anyone who takes a clean shot from someone who can punch, will go down or get wobbled.

Human bodies aren't some kind of indestructible object that can continuously receive trauma and not be affected. These guys are going out there to K.O each other, and the shots they throw are intended to cause serious damage. I guarantee that if any average Joe stepped in the ring with the best headgear on, took the sort of shots Khan took from his opponents, they would not be standing. Given the chance, I guarantee Paulie Malignaggi would knock out an average Joe with the most protective headgear on.
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