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Default Re: Ruben Olivares v Carlos Zarate

Originally Posted by PhillyPhan69 View Post
What's up Philly boy???? Do me a favor and head down to Oregon Ave. and enjoy Philly's finest Cheesesteak today (I am homesick)...If you don't know who is there....well let's just say I would be disappointed!

Not sure who McGrain's quote was intended for you or Rooster??? You don't usually have an agenda and disrupt things, and he is not usually in attack mode so I am not sure???? I don't agree w/ Zarate being a simple slugger, but I don't think you quite meant it the way it sounded!

Either way...God bless Philadelphia!
Whats Up? Wasn't sure what was up with that either. I mean, I'm as entitled to my opinion as the next guy. The fight is really a toss-up to me but since I had to make a pick I went with my man Ruben. Didn't mean Carlos was a simple slugger, just trying to make a quick pick. I'm in the burbs so can't make it to Oregon ave. Gotta lay off the cheesesteaks anyway. Thanks for the shoutout
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