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Default Re: Reshat Mati...13 year old future MMA star?

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
A friend of mine did that when he was 18 and was down in Thailand for 4 months and when he came back he said there have not seen anyone with more heart than the guys he fought down there he even took a muay thai fight for ****s and giggles and got his ass handed to him on a silver plate.
He came back better than ever

As I always say they're the Mexicans of Asia, some of the toughest fighters on the planet, tough as nails and relentless. I'll never forget the first time I trained clichwork in Thailand, I was thrown around like a ragdoll by a pintsize warrior half my age and size, blew me away, not to mention the first time a I was kicked by a Thai in the ring it was a whole world of pain different to anything I'd experienced in the west.

It'd be a great expereince for the kid in this thread to fight guys his age that are hungry in a way he'll never know due to the poverty. The training we'll be more intense than anything he could experince MT wise in the states as would the competiton. An expereince that'll stay with him for life not to mention help him develop into an iron clad warrior. (Although I realise MT ain't his main thrust.)
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