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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Some also have failed to identify Wlad's greatest asset in controlling fights over the past 7 or 8 years, even moreso than his jab.

It's his footwork. He has great footwork for a big man, unhinging attacks, resetting the action (which goes contrary to the assertion that he is a chin-out jabber). It's another thing, outside of his power, that his opponents and sparring partners note unanimously. Byrd, who is far more agile, mobile and balanced than Marciano ever dreamed of, said that was the major difference between their two fights. Wlad was never where he was trying to put him in the second fight, that he had uncanny movement for a big man and it was just too hard to get at him. But why listen to to guys who have actually been in the ring with the man?

The Rock was a lot smarter than guys gave him credit for but he was also rather oafish for his lilliputian dimensions. I just see a long, sustained beating from a distance here. Beatdown, reset, beatdown. Sound familiar? It's been the same boring but effective recipe for the better part of a decade's dominance over the division.
What an absolute joke. Byrd was nothing at HW. He was useless. A shot to **** , no jab, slow Golota beat Byrd without even throwing power shots. Whats worse is that it took you a coulpe of days to come up with that tripe.
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