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Default Re: Ricky Burns ducking Broner again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Originally Posted by Reppin501 View Post
This is all well and good, but you typed all that to say "Rickey is ducking Broner, but it's not his fault, he has a **** promoter"?
Not quite.I'm saying I know for a fact Ricky wants to fight Broner.His trainer posts almost every day in the Brit forum.
I'm sure most Burns fans will concede that as long as he's with that promoter,they'll worry about big fights coming off,but at no point did I say Ricky was ducking Broner.
But you already know that.I'm fairly sure there's a contract signed with his promoter and the promter has a history of suing fighters who leave him.Ricky's not rich yet.Should he just say "get me this fight in Feb or I'm retiring"?
It makes no sense to have the fight in February,and anyone without an agenda knows this.If Ricky hasn't fought Broner or another big name by the end of next year all of his fans will be disgusted and I'm sure he will too.
But certain people on this thread want to jump on the back of a nonsensical idea started by a notorious troll who even sensible Mayweather fans have no time for.
As I asked in another thread a few weeks ago,what would you all say if Ricky said "I'll fight Broner,but I'm not going over there"?
You'd all be having coronaries,just like you'd all be going for the same double standards if Ricky and Adrian's positions were reversed here.
He's just had a full camp and been ****ed around,and now because Broner can't find an opponent for Feb then Ricky's the target again.
Pathetic.It makes no sense at all yet many here are jumping on Princess's back.If GBP make a decent offer before the end of 2013 and Ricky knocks it back,I'll be as disgusted as anyone and just as I've done on other subjects,I'll take my medicine if required.
But you have nothing to go on except the assertion of one of the most notorious trolls on the General,and here we are.
Good to see the Princess has a few fans.Worth keeping in mind for the future.
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