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Default Re: GAMBOA did Great Last Night.


it was a great performance just like many experts said.

u can also find real boxing ****yst on youtube say the same.

you could stay with your group of 15 ***gots on a forum that dont know **** bout boxing.

keep it up,..were having mad fun owning u over and over

Boxing ****yst? lol listen you dumbass which boxing ****yst say it was a great performance? Youre an idiot and i mean beyond an idiot. So you saying gamboa performance was great like Mayweather beating Marquez after mayweather coming off a 17 month layoff? Gamboa performance was great like Kostya beating Mitchell after kostya was coming off a 18 month layoff? Gamboa performance was great like Vitali destroying peter after vitali was coming off a 4 year layoff? What about de la hoya easily beating mayorga after he was coming off a 18 month layoff? <<Was gamboa great performance was like that one? I mean are you going to sit there being a re****ed bandwagon gamboa fan and saying gamboa performance was soo great? Youre an idiot point blank.
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