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Default Re: Amir Khan Full Media Workout

Originally Posted by ashishwarrior View Post
like how you call indians yet no one cant abrviate the country india gave you, sad little double standard ****
so darni aint creaming what basic **** khan as picked up ffs rico licking him from behind like hes ****ting gold and all and sundry were on about the mayweather fight 6 or so months ago, **** odl is still doing it for the casuals
First off, learn some history before you spout b/s. I donít have a problem with people abbreviating my nationality. ****stan got its independence from Britain, not India. Lastly, this is a forum about boxing, take your political/racial problems to the lounge or to a more suitable forum.

Originally Posted by Darni187 View Post
Indian stop posting and go back to your dads shop, someone is nicking his penny sweets.
Please, stop stooping down to his level, it's embarrassing. No need to mock Indians just because of this tool.

Originally Posted by DDDUUDDDEE View Post
Khan UD Mayweather, Floyd don't want none of that slick brownness

I donít have much faith in Khan, his flaws in boxing can be addressed as heís still young. However, I doubt heíll be able to change mentally. I have a feeling heíll do well against Molina and Garcia[or whoever is next], however, his problem occurs when his confidence is sky high and he gets ahead of himself, and thus boxes carelessly against his next opponent. Regardless of what happens, Virgil is definitely the right guy for Khan, and he can have no excuses.
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