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Default Floyd Mayweather vs p4p top-10 guys

The discussion about the Ring's latest p4p rankings (which are pretty awful) brought something to my attention, since Robert Guerrero was on it and Floyd will likely fight him next.

A lot of people have said that earlier in his career, Floyd was more of a risk-taker and that he sought to challenge himself, but that after his fight with de la Hoya, he became a cherry-picker and avoided the toughest fights.

What's interesting about that is that before 2007, Floyd never fought anybody who was on the Ring's (need a measuring stick here) p4p top-10 list at the time he fought them.
Corrales, Castilllo, Judah and of course de la Hoya were on it at some point in their careers, but not at the moment of their Mayweather fights.

After de la Hoya (who BTW was rated #15 by the Ring in 2007), he fought Hatton who was #9 or 10, Marquez who was #2 (and even now is at #3), and Mosley who i think was #3.

Also, everybody he fought in this time span was coming off of a world-class win in which they looked anything between damn good and spectacular.

So which is it? Has Floyd's choice of opponents really become as 'pathetic' as some would have you believe? Or is it like he says, he's in a no-win situation and no matter who he fights, people will always talk about who he's not fighting??
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