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Default Re: why do many boxing coaches think boxing is damn different from other sports???

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
yep having done a lot of bjj
yes you have a lot of lazy types like that
but you also have guys that are gym rats

but yeah its not just boxing that suffers that this way of thinking

but the pure hatred of weights(remember anything to do with weights is BODYBUILDING) is most severe in old school boxing coaches...

what they tell you is
"hey did ray robinson use any bull**** S&c coach

when you answer well he never fought anyone that
did, so you answer cancels itself out
you get a blank look
The real problem is not that old school or new school is better, boxing coaches teach boxing they are not experts on conditioning two separate vocations competing with each other.
What your coach said is basically true, Robinson, didnt have a S&C coach, but thats not to say he didn't have a conditioner, which he did.

In those days, the fighter and the trainer were the main guys, and a conditioner was always in the background, you never heard them at all, they just did their respective jobs, but today whoa, S&C guys are making statements that seem to fool alot of people into believing that they have the formula and old school is worse then bad.
What people seem to forget, is that they have free will, if the coach is saying weights are wrong, you have the free will, to seek conditioning advice from someone else. Boxing coaches for the most part learned their crafts in a gym, and were taught or learned through experience. So why dump on them they at least are there making no money and dedicating their time to teach something they love to someone who wants to learn. If you know a better or different way to do things, then do so, thats free will.
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