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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather vs p4p top-10 guys

Originally Posted by richie leon View Post
Ok, i don't have the actual Ring magazine issue relevant to the issue, so i'll just take you guys' word on that one. Regardless, my point still stands. Mayweather fought more highly rated opposition after 2007 than before and gets less credit for it.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Top 10 Rated Opponents/Champions

1998: Genaro Hernandez (World SFW Champion)
1998: Angel Manfredy (No. 2 SFW)
2000: Goyo Vargas (No. 10 SFW)
2001: Diego Corrales (No. 1 SFW)
2001: Jesus Chavez (No. 4 SFW)
2002: Jose Luis Castillo (World LW Champion)
2002: Jose Luis Castillo (No. 1 LW)
2003: Philip N'Dou (No. 4 SFW) (@135)
2004: DeMarcus Corley (No. 5 LWW)
2005: Arturo Gatti (No. 1 LWW)
2006: Zab Judah (No. 3 WW)
2006: Carlos Baldomir (World WW Champion)
2007: Oscar De La Hoya (No. 5 LMW)
2007: Ricky Hatton (World LWW Champion) (@147)
2009: Juan M. Marquez (World LW Champion) (@147)
2010: Shane Mosley (No. 2 WW)
2011: Victor Ortiz (No. 2 WW)
2012: Miguel Cotto (No. 1 LMW)

Overall record: 43-0
Record vs. Top 10 Opponents: 18-0

Originally Posted by TheJuggernaut View Post
Exactly who would complain about that?
Or even Alverez/Trout

He's only in a no win situation because the list of opponets he would actually fight is a ****ty list
I'd rather he fought Pacquiao than Guerrero in May. Even now.
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