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Default Re: Eddie Hearn just said on twitter that they're trying to put the fight back 3-4 we

Originally Posted by tom22709 View Post
Ofc he hasn't bottled it lol, do u honestly think gbp are gonna let this slide without a proper doctors exam etc, this ain't nothin except for an unfortunate sprain to his matter what all the Khan fans say.
Gotta call BS here.

I'm not a Khan fan, but I said weeks back that its possible Brook and Hearn may try to duck out of this fight/but not in the image, if that makes sense? So basically, they somehow pull it of but come out with flying colors? Something like that anyway.

I will explain why, I believe they know that this is a disastrous fight if it goes wrong, of course they wont say this, they need to make Brook look good. Chances are Alexander winning, is a strong possibility. Kell doesnt have to get KO'd to come out of this fight worse than he went into it. A lot rides on the fight for Brook, more so than Alexander. Brook is a nobody in the US, and if he lost a decision to Alexander, the US would just say "another UK hype job", and it will be downhill and back to domestic level, UNTIL Hearn can prize a champion over here. Put it this way, Hearn knows that there is perhaps an easier fight out there waiting or in the near future, where it is easier for Brook to win, and maybe on home territory.

Its clear the Hearn brigade want everything their way, even if it is unrealistic, they want any deal in favor of Brook, and all fights in the UK.

They are trying to do the same for Carl Froch, domesticated world champions. Its BS if you ask me, because the big money fights are in the US, and when these come up, they should be willing to go to the US, and not try and look for ways to get the fight here, or back out.

I dont think Kell is ducking this fight, I reckon Kell is raring to go, but IMO, (thats all it is) Eddie Hearn is looking for a way to duck this fight, and nothing would surprise me if this fight doesnt happen, and Brook fights somebody else for a vacated title.
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