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Default Re: My mate making Tyson Fury smash his caravan up...

It may be funny (I admit it did make me chuckle) but it is wrong on quite a few levels.

Firstly it is discrimination (racism to be exact) and the laws that were introduced in October 2010 make that very clear.

Secondly Tyson (or whoever it is who 'writes' his tweets should know better); where are his advisers?

He is making himself look bad by trading insults with people on Twitter; I like the bloke and would have hoped that he would know better.

Thirdly and finally the bloke that wrote the insults to Tyson (and anyone else who does it) is a coward.

Pure and simple.

He and the others would never dream of saying those things to Tyson's face and that for me makes them cowards.

If you really stop and think about it you realise just how pathetic these 'trolls' are.

(And yes I would say everything I have just written to those individuals faces; I am being factual and unless they could prove me wrong by actually saying those things to Tyson Fury's face I am also telling the truth).
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