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Default Re: Source: Pacquaio/Bradley rematch April 20th

Originally Posted by Reppin501 View Post
JMM vs Manny will do shit numbers...what's the draw of this fight? Pac's drawing power, as it pertains to casuals and those who you have to have to do "huge" numbers...don't give a shit about Manny anymore. It's sad but it's true, JMM fans will watch, Pinoy's will watch, a portion of hardcore fans will watch. No ****ing chance a 5th fight does better numbers than PAC vs ****ing chance, literally NONE. Asinine statement by a bitter old fag, anyone who believes this is ****ing stupid, point blank.
I agree with that. JMM doesn't have anywhere near the drawing power of Floyd or PAC. The numbers will do good....but NOT better than what PAC/Floyd would have done. I think that ship has done sailed off into the sunset.
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