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Default Re: Who were the most durable heavyweights ever?

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Trainers are notorious for hyping their own guys. Boxing is full of gym stories. It depends on who you want to believe. Interestingly enough the fighters arenít saying much, itís the trainer ( Wood ), who is using moment to hype his own guys.

What is known if Vitali had injures and had to pull out of the Rhaman fight. Itís not clear if the injuries suffered before ( Vitali wears a knee brace ) had anything to do with the knockdown. Vitali has sparred over 2,000 rounds. If this incident is true, it means very little.

As far as double standards go, I'll never catch you.
You are happy to believe an AP report from an anonymous reporter, that was filed a 114 years ago , soley because it suits your agenda, yet you refuse to accept a first hand report from a named source who gives time date place,and names ,and this occurred just 7 years ago?

Do you have any iota of an idea how totally ridiculous this makes you?

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