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Default Re: Question about Floyd and Pac styles of fighting

Originally Posted by SpeedKills View Post
Marquez' formula is making pacquiao over extend, that takes alot of footwork/movement
Mayweather is fairly flatfooted and at times will come to you(to smother) and just sort of lean back with his shoulder roll, Pacquiao can basically box circles around him
and if Floyd chooses to take out his binoculars and come at pacquiao like he did vs every southpaw bar one(Ortiz) then it further plays into Pacquiao's hands as Floyd is a more squared up target

Watching the latest Pacquiao-Marquez fight convinced me Pacquiao still has what it takes to beat Floyd should they fight
What's funny about this is that people like you don't even believe this type of ****. You just hate PBF so much and love Pac that you really want to believe that it can happen. The truth is that PBF is a technician not only that he's just as fast as Pac and is longer and bigger. He will figure Pac out bust him up and walk him down in the later rounds before stopping him. Pac just isn't in PBF's class and it couldn't be anymore apparant. Pac is tailormade for PBF he would kill him with right hands, which PAc will have no answer for.
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