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Default Re: Marquez wants Olympic style testing for the 5th fight

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
Using a fighter's physique as 'proof' of PEDs is a little asinine, but since it's been brought up.

Katsidis fight at 135:

Pacquiao 4 @ 147:

Very slightly more defined, slightly bigger biceps, that's about it. Where are these massive gains people are talking about? He's finally filled out at the weight and it took a long time. There's 3 years + between those pictures.

If you don't believe the gains displayed here can be made naturally with intensive weight training, you're an idiot.

When JMM starts looking like this, get back to me:
Why even bother with these guys... Clearly delusional Pacquiao fans..

Anyone who cries foul now on JMM but defended Pac when the same accusations were thrown at him needs to be ignored. JMM is willing to test, Pac isn't. "oh, but JMM has the better PEDS that won't be detected". Tell Pac to step his PED game up if you believe that..
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