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Default Re: ITT: I explain why RJJ is not a drugs cheat

Originally Posted by HEADBANGER View Post
here are the facts of the jones steroids matter. forget any bull**** you read by subjective journalists, lets read what the commisioner for the fight (indiana commisioner jacob hall) says on the matter and what the IBF president Marian Muhammad says on it (the only real independant and legitimate sources in the whole matter).

heres jacob halls interview with Bragging Rights Corner (BRC)

BRC: Mr. Hall, how long have you been a Commissioner in Indiana?

JHALL: We have a three member commission. I have been a Commissioner for thirteen years, and I have served as Chairman in the past.

BRC:May I ask what was your position at the time of the Richard Hall - Roy Jones, Jr. championship fight back in May of 2000?

JHALL: Commissioner.

BRC: Let's move on to both fighters positive tests for anabolic steroids. As you well know there have been several versions of events; the Ripped Fuel version, the sinus medicine, etc. Can you clear it up for the fans? How specific are these tests and can you rule out... let's say the sinus medication, for instance?

JHALL: Not from the information we received. The information we received indicated that Mr. Jones failed the drug test for anabolic steroids. Talking to Roy's attorney, Fred Levin, he indicated that Roy had taken a substance called Ripped Fuel, an over the counter supplement that is not illegal but is an illegal substance according to the IBF and the other sanctioning bodies. He admits that Roy took that. I have no knowledge that he took that or some other substance...

BRC: Let me see if I'm understanding you correctly... You do know that there were anabolic steroids in Roy's system? **(Editor's Note: we are not ignoring the fact that Richard Hall also tested positive, we will come to that in a minute...)


BRC: You do know that Ripped Fuel could possibly have been the cause of the positive test result?

JHALL: Roy's attorney, Fred Levin said that Roy was taking that. I do not know that (Ripped Fuel) is what he was taking.

BRC: We can't rule the Ripped Fuel out but we can't say that it was the only thing that could have caused Roy to test positive, is that correct?

JHALL: Correct.

BRC: If my understanding of the facts is correct, Richard Hall also tested positive for anabolic steroids.

JHALL: Yes, and in his interview with Aladdin Freeman he didn't mention that he also tested positive and he was probably ten times over what would be a normal amount and Roy Jones was six times over a normal amount. Richard received a letter dated August 2nd, from the IBF indicating to him that he failed the test. He forgot to mention that in the interview.

BRC: I'm glad that you made that observation, because Aladdin Freeman did ask him if he had tested positive for steroids. We are not on a Roy Jones witch hunt here, let's make that clear. We are trying to understand, and this is a problem the fans seem to have with this subject matter, how one fighter can be subject to one set of rules, and another fighter can be subject to... no rules. I realize that this fight happened three years ago, but this was never before put on record. It was put on record for the first time on July 18th by Bragging Rights Corner's Aladdin Freeman.

JHALL: Yes, that is true. I have attended Association of Boxing Commissioners meetings and at those meetings with the Commissioners I've indicated that this occurred but ...there was no press there, so this didn't go any further.

BRC: Wait, wait.. let me understand this... When you indicated the occurrence to the Commissioners, what kind of response did you receive?

JHALL: From the other Commissioners?

BRC: Yes, from the other Commissioners...

JHALL: Like I said in one of the interviews, the majority of the states do not do drug testing, so, since they don't do drug testing, there wasn't a lot of support to do much about it, and I don't believe there is a great concern about steroids by Commissioners at the present time, BUT it is an illegal substance.

BRC: There wasn't a lot of support you say??? My question then is... Was anyone shocked to hear your revelation? Did anyone say, we have to go public with this, we have to do something about it, we need to reveal what happened... I mean, was there any of that???

JHALL: Not really, no.

BRC: No? So basically you got "oh ok, let's move on type attitude?"

JHALL: Nobody seemed to be concerned about it and I didn't believe it was my position to have a press conference and reveal that Roy and Richard Hall had tested positive for steroids. It just kinda... nobody said much about it during this period of time.

BRC: Why did you feel that was not your position?

JHALL: I didn't have a law to back up taking any action. I've tried since May 13, 2000, to introduce a law almost like Nevada's where we can do drug testing in Indiana. So far that hasn't gotten passed in our Legislature or in our Rules. The Commissioners passed it and somehow the Professional Licensing Agency hasn't called up and made these rules. We are trying to get these rules passed but I think the big story is that the majority of the Commissions DON'T do drug testing.

The IBF sent roy jones a letter asking him to report to Indiana state commission to have specimen B tested at a laboratory of his choice . . . . . . . roy never did.

heres what IBF president Marian Muhammad said on the matter

BRC: I realize that you were not the president of the IBF when this fight took place, so I hope this is not an unfair BRC. But, was the IBF supposed to have acted on those positive tests?

Muhammad: To the best of my knowledge, yes.

BRC: And to the best of your knowledge, (and ours), they didn't, correct?...

Muhammad: Well, I only know that on Richard Hall we got nothing but I have a positive test from Roy Jones, Jr. that was directed to Mr. Jake Hall at the Indiana Boxing Commission, indicating that Mr. Jones tested positive for anabolic steroids.

BRC: I realize that 2-1/2 years have gone by, and perhaps you don't remember... but I have copies of the letters sent by the IBF to Richard Hall and to Roy Jones, and they both bare your signature, as then Secretary of the organization...

Muhammad: That's correct and there was also another one that Ms. Knight herself asked me to send... She asked me to send them, (the letters), I sent them. Then she herself sent one to ... it was directed to Roy Jones telling him that she hadn't heard from him about the results from Specimen B and that she was directing him to contact this office no later than the close of business on Friday, August 25, 2000.

BRC: The fight was in May? Why such of long lapse of time?

Muhammad: I can't tell you... Once I did what she asked me to do, it went from there... I don't know what happened after that...

BRC: Can you think of any reason why this situation was never unearthed before the Richard Hall interview with Bragging Rights Corner's Aladdin Freeman?

Muhammad: Well, I really don't know... I know that I saw something on the net at one time, immediately after the fight, but nobody never called me, and when I spoke to Jacob Hall after I got his letter, he said that the Indiana Commission had no way to deal with anabolic steroids intake because it was not covered in their rules, not even banned by Indiana, so he couldn't do anything anyway, that's what he told me.

I was not aware of any of the arrangements that were made between Fred Levin, Roy Jones' attorney and Mr. Jacob Hall from the Indiana Boxing Commission.

(Editor's Note: Ms. Muhammad is referring to the charitable contribution which was asked of Roy Jones, Jr. and which he submitted, in the form of a check for $250, dated Oct. 27, 2000, to the Indianapolis Police Athletic League).

BRC: I would like to ask you if you have been asked by anyone other than BRC regarding this incident and Roy's use of a sinus medication which, according to some members of his camp, could have caused the positive test results...

Muhammad: No one has... I've only spoken to Jake Hall, period. I've never spoken to anyone from Roy's camp including his attorney. I haven't spoken to anyone from any internet sites, I DON'T READ THEM, believe it or not. Nobody has ever called me about Roy Jones testing positive.

BRC: Are you aware that members of Roy Jones, Jr.'s camp have gone on record saying that his sinus medication could have been the culprit for his positive reading?

Muhammad: This is the first I've heard of any of it since 2000, nobody has ever contacted me about anything, and like I said, when it was going on I only communicated with Jake Hall, period.
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