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Default Re: Who is Deontay Wilder's next opponent? Never heard of him.

It's a step up for sure, not a big enough step up to give Deontay a lot of problems though imo. Price is pretty slick for a big guy, he's Deontay's size and he holds a win over one of the top American prospects- Tor Hammer (prizefighter winner who beat KJ). I fully expect a big KO from Wilder and hopefully being on Showtime will help his quest to get someone good in the ring.

He's in a ****ty position being a 6'7 heavyweight with a lot of speed, power and killer instinct while at the same time not having any sort of name or hype behind him. I'm surprised GBP didn't get behind him more and start hyping the **** out of him earlier, he'd be getting better opponents if they did but because he's got no hype as well as being a big scary powerful dude there's not a lot of decent fighters wanting to risk it against him when they can make similar money fighting a more known guy who's less dangerous. He's high risk low reward for people right now but getting on showtime is a good start to making himself known.
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