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Default Re: ITT: I explain why RJJ is not a drugs cheat

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
1. You quote something that proves what he tested for, nothing was ever released of what he was tested for. Some random guy who clearly didn't know the specifics claimed 'Jones tested positive for steroids', guess what there is no 'steroids test'

2. Who said it wasn't? It seems the B test came back negative. For a test to be failed both the A and B test have to be positive
As far as I'm aware if an athlete tests positive on their A sample they have the right to contest the result & have the B sample tested by an (approved) laboratory of their choice.

Correct me if Im wrong but Roy's B sample was never tested, despite the IBF sending him a letter about it. Several weeks after the positive A test the ripped fuel/andro excuse came from his legal team.
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