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Default Re: ITT: I explain why RJJ is not a drugs cheat

Originally Posted by withoutbrain View Post
Looks like you have nothing to back up your arguments. ANother clueless clown dismissed.


Lets take a look at your statistics withoutbrain

a vcash total of just 568 - 568 on the team elite vcash barrometer = a gormless dork that loves to be spitroasted by shemales

friends on esb = 1 - nobody likes you, that 1 friend is probably your alter-ego

profile views in 2 years 6 months on esb = 131

that works out at around 4 profile views per month

on average just 1 profile view per week whilst i have received 1,534,000 profile views such is the clamour of the esb minions to catch the latest snippets of Team Elite Corporation information

It is clear that you are a completely insignificant member of the esb community and if we were ever to meet, I would grab the back of your scrawny neck and drive 391 brutal uppercuts in succession into your sloppy face with ferocious power and and stunning precision, leaving the remains of your body in a pool of your own blood, vomit, urine, and feces waiting to be mopped up by the cleaners
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