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Default Re: Ricky Burns ducking Broner again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
It really surprises me that you can't see why Feb is unrealistic RTB.FW Promotions are refusing refunds for Sat,which opens a whole can of worms.If it's going to happen,then May/June is far more realistic.Think about preparation for the biggest fight of your life.Yes Broner is the star,but it'd be insanity for Ricky to take that in Feb.He's still a Champion and Feb is basically giving every advantage to Broner.
I can't believe you of all people is going along with this nonsense.Taking a Feb date would be madness for a belt holder who's just had a wasted camp and will be very upset about it.
Come on man,you're better than this!
I didn't know all that to be honest about the non refunds etc.... Business wise I get you but the way i look at it though is it's feb or nothing for Burns. He'll never get the chance to fight a big name like Broner again. Broners got an HBO date set in stone for Feb......soon he'll be onto bigger things, he'll be fighting at 140 vs the likes of Rios/Garcia this time next year. If they want the chance at fame and glory and recognition as an elite fighter it's now or never. Whens the next time a fighter of Broners current status will be rolling through LW? When Burns is 35 and maybe not even then? Broners got 2 more fights at LW, if FW turns down the Feb date they likely won't get the offer for his last fight at the weight and after that Burns is gonna have a lot of work to do and he's gonna have to move to 140 and beat some well known fighters if he ever wants a shot at Broner again cause Broner will be onto bigger names. Burns just fought in September, he doesn't need another fight before Feb. December, Jan is plenty of time for Burns since he's already been training.
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