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Default Re: James Toney vs Chris Eubank At SMW

Incidentally i thought Watson had improved as a fighter by the Eubank fights.He was stiffer, more straight up and down Winky Wright(without a similar busy jab or dedicated defence) and displayed an inexperienced very tense big fight mentality there.He'd only really beat a washed up Don Lee in an early cuts stoppage non-fight and a similarly inexperienced Benn going into that bout.The latter of which was a very specific gameplan oriented bout for him against an entirely predictable one-dimensional(albeit very dangerous)opponent.

McCallum's skills and a year long layoff for Watson played their part obviously, but all in all Eubank got a better, more primed boxer-puncher to face.One who had got better at slipping and countering, punch picking and remaining relaxed while setting a high pace.

A rematch\ fight a year or two later with McCallum slowing, would have been a fair bit more competitive i've always thought.
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