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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Fellas, this is Amir Khan workout with Virgil Hunter if anyone is interested or would like to give their thoughts. What i've noticed from this is that Virgil is trying to get Khan to throw curve ***** by not fighting at the same speed all the time, but mixing his punches up. Trying to also improve his ring generalship. The other thing i noticed is he's teaching him the basic blocking technique. Getting him to block punches and then counter back quickly. This is something i've NEVER seen Khan working on. With Freddie Roach it seemed like everything was at the same pace and he wasn't worrying about what was coming back. I'd be surprised if anyone actually even taught him how to block a punch as Hunter is doing here.


Blocking is the most basic of boxing defense. It's the best defensive technique for Khan because it's the easiest to learn the quickiest and doesn't require a lot of natural defensive reflexes which Khan doesn't have. Blocking for me is also the easiest way to defend without taking yourself out of range and requires little energy.

That's the reason i think Hunter has chosen blocking for Khan. Blocking is not a first defensive skill, it’s a first COUNTER OFFENSIVE skill. You see Hunter throwing punches at Khan and Khan simply covers his vulnerable areas, doesn't try to “catch” the punch, and fires back after he blocks. Blocking also covers both head and body and doesn’t leave you open to follow up punches.

It remains to be seen how Khan transfers this to a real fight. I personally think he has too many bad habits and they're too ingrained for him to improve significantly enough. But Virgil Hunter is a genius of a trainer.

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