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Default Re: Things Floyd's legacy will always have.

Originally Posted by caliboxingfan View Post
1. Cherry picker (since 06 he has been known as one)
2. Part time fighter/retirements
3. Didnt face pacquiao from December 2008-November 2011
A. Missed out on record one fight earnings (history making)
B. hid behind steroid accusation (scared)
4. His only fight in a span of 2 years he sucker punches his opponent that was just beginning to catch him.

These are just facts. No opinion here. My opinion is that Floyd is the greatest talent of this generation in the ring. Unfortunately his mind is something else. What can you expect he is Rogers nephew.

Nothing he does the rest of his career will change these FACTS.
1) Cherry picker, Oscar biggest fight at time, Hatton undefeated 2 weight champ, JMM is his first fight after a long layoff, yeah he takes a yr or 2 off and shuts out JMM thats a huge deal, Mosley was the man at welter and coming off a big Margo win, Ortiz was the best available at welter after Berto and Floyd beat him, went up to 154 and took on Cotto who was 1 or 2 at 154, pretty solid id say

2) his first career was great, despite the lay offs his second career has resulted in some great wins

3) is he the only singular one at fault for the mega fight? while i do agree he came out of retirement solely to fight Manny and have the super fight and yes not having the fight hurts him more than it hurts Manny, is the fight not happening all on Floyd??

I'm not trying to sound like a Floyd cheerleader i just think your criminally underrating this guy
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