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Default Re: Post your P4P list based on TALENT alone

Skill-wise Juan Manuel Marquez has to rate in the top ten, even if his physical gifts are waning and were never historically elite when he was in his prime. The counterpunching reflexes and reaction times, combination punching (including off of the counter), angle mastery, complete offensive repertoire...he's a wonderful talent and packs a damn good punch, too.

I don't think Gamboa or Rigondeaux are anything special either. Gamboa's a speed-demon and decently powerful, but an absolute technical mess and horrible defensively when he's offensive. Both are closer to being in the Casamayor territory in terms of ability and effectiveness level in a historical sense than they are the true Cuban greats. Then again, that's not saying much in today's game. For my money, Donaire and Broner are better fighters than both. I think Roman Gonzalez is a great talent at 108 also. Very fundamentally sound/well-rounded and a concussive puncher.
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