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Default Re: More skilled: Eder Jofre or Ricardo Lopez

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
No way is Lopez the superior hitter, despite his aesthetically pleasing K.Os. He was a fantastic puncher, but if he hit like a middle that unheralded Mongkol, admittedly nails, would not have taken the drubbing he did and still be alive.
Whislt the claim that he hits like a middle would be spurious, I'm not comfortable with this line of argument.

Fitzsimmons tee'd off on an undersized Jack Dempsey for round after round and whilst he destroyed any possibilitiy of offense in his opponent with his brutal punishment, Dempsey "walked through" shot after shot. Ketchel beat on Papke for ten rounds to net the KO.

Louis needed more than 12 to dispatch Simon and probably landed more power punches on Max than Lopez managed uopn Mongkol. Sometimes you just run into a guy that's so tough you can't put him away, no matter who you are.

Who are your top 3 "eastern" punchers?
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