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Default What if the Soviets had always been allowed to fight in the pro ranks?

A few examples:

-Vladimir Nikolaevich:

An olympic champion. 3X european champion. 3X champion of the USSR. Also honoured with the prestigious Soviet title "Master of Sport" (equivalent to induction into Hall of Fame) in 1956.

-Igor Vysotsky:

The man who had Teofilo Stevenson’s number! 185 fights, 161 victories, half of which ended early. Not only did he beat Stevenson twice he defeated a host of great americans like Tony Tubbs, Mitch Green, Greg Page etc

-Nikolai Korolev:

The Champ Who Couldn’t Fight Joe Louis! 4X Absolute Soviet Champion. 9X Champion of the USSR. Champion of the Socialist Olympics in Antwerp.

-Gennadi Ivanovich Shatkov:

217 bouts. 203 victories. Gold Medal at the 1956 Melbourne Games. European Champion twice. Champion of the USSR 3 times.

-Alexander “Miron” Miroshnichenko:

Alex won a bronze at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul Korea. Captured the world title twice. Was European champ twice. champion of the USSR three times. He stopped both Lennox Lewis and beat Rid**** Bowe! (Arguably beat Bowe twice!)

-Igor Ruzhnikov:

“I had much tougher opponents than Roy Jones”. 185 bouts. 163 victories. World Champion 1989. European Champion 1989. Champion of the USSR 1989. Silver Medal USSR Championships. 3X Bronze Medal winner USSR Championships. Winner of the GoodWill Games in Moscow 1986 in which he defeated a young roy jones.

-Vyacheslav Lemeshev:

Olympic champion of the 1972 Munich games. In the USSR-USA Match Meet Vycheslav beat American Micheal Spinks too.

Imagine the recent generation of Eastern european HW's fighting in the 70's! The top 10! This first generation of fighters! It would be a very different picture! Im not just talking HW's either!

Would the US have been as dominant had the Soviets always fought in the pro ranks? Personally i think not! You only need to look at the likes of 5 time Gold medallist Oleg Saitov (Welterweight) Or the current Olympic great Vasyl Lomachenko (Lightweight/Featherweight) to see that!

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