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Default Re: After losing to Pac....

Originally Posted by mancat View Post
Indeed they did say that. The comparison is just between rabid fans that refuse to accept reality. Hatton was not looking good at all, but to make themselves feel better, Hatton's fans tried to say he was doing well except for th KO. Specifically, some said that if he could have continued to get close to Pac, Hatton could have worn him down, which is absurd.

Several Pac fans are trying to say that Pac was dominating Marquez, and the KO was a fluke. Others are saying that it took 4 fights for Marquez to figure Pac out. These are straw man arguments. Pac is the power puncher in this rivalry, yet he could never KO Marquez. In the first fight he knocked Marquez down 3 times in the first round but could not finish him.

My point is, both Hatton fans and Pac fans are so blinded by love they create myths to assuage their pain at their hero losing in a brutal fashion.
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