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Default Re: If PAC vs JMM 5 happens, what would be the ideal result for the fifth fight?

He got reckless in this fight, Marquez was not countering with the same efficiency. If Pacquiao fought more controlled and wasn't chasing the KO so bad we would have seen a very 1 sided fight. Pacquiao's movement in this fight was different to many of his other encounters with Marquez and Marquez was struggling - just look at the punch stats of round 5...look at the accuracy of PAcquiao in every round comapred to Marquez...round by round Pacquiao was outlanding and being more accurate...

Marquez hit him with a brilliant counter, but he was lucky Manny got so eager and stupidly lost balance and fell forward into the punch but only a blind man couldn't see Marquez was simply not as effective with his counters in this fight before the BIG one in round 6
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