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Default Re: The Transnational Boxing Rankings

No belts Joe. As far as i'm aware the fighters that become champion don't even get any kind of message telling them At first I thought that underwhelming, but now I kind of like it. These rankings aren't about the fighters, they're about the fans.

When you look at Ring rankings what do you think? Especially when there's a striking new entry or new #2? You think, "is this a Golden Boy fighter?" if you're anything like me. Rightly or wrongly, fair or unfair. This month they seem to have reallly lost it with that p4p list.

Even a casual ESB member knows that the Alphabet crew are a joke. So where does a fan go on the internet if they can't figure out who is #2, or #5 or #1 or whatever in each division? We want them to come to our site, or one of the sites that support our rankings.
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