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Default Re: What if the Soviets had always been allowed to fight in the pro ranks?

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Imagine if THE WORLD would have been allowed to fight... instead, what we have seen was just locals u.s.a. club fights, with only u.s.a. fighters fighting each other, whit their styles and their physical levels; but boxing have evolved even in the u.s.a., still: nowadays hw boxers like eddie chamber, chrys byrd, tony thompson, christobal arreola, would have DOMINATED the u.s.a. hw division (more like cruiserweight division, and even below sometimes) of the so-called-golden-age-for-nostalgic-politicals-reasons.
Take Ali and Fazier. Ali was nearly kayoed by Cooper who was around 185lbs! It was only skullduggery that saved him! Cooper would be a B level CW today! No dis-respect just telling it how it is! Ali also swears his trickiest ever fight was the 195lb German southpaw Karl Midenberger! Bugner easily went the distance with Ali too. In fact Ali was hospitalised following there fight whilst Bugner was doing laps in the hotel pool!

Frazier beat Bugner by a single point! Bugner is the only man remotely comparable to these eastern european HW's of today who fought back then! Difference is Bugner was feather-fisted and fought to survive rather than to win! Even then he easily went the distance with them! Alex Zolkin at his best would have beaten Bugner quite easily!

Norton? Norton was brutalised by 188lb Jose Luis Garcia! Garcia put the heavier Norton on the deck in the 1st round and staggered him in the 5th and 7th rounds. In the 8th, Garcia floored Norton again with 15 seconds left. He got up again, and Garcia put him down again just as the bell rang. Norton stumbled to his corner and collapsed. He couldn't even crawl back to his corner! Garcia wasn't even a noteable fighter! Both Earnie Shavers and Gerry ****ey put norton away in the 1st round - it was not a shock KO due to complacency like Lewis or WK suffered either but simply a defeat by a better boxer on the night! In truth i think Norton tends to get overrated because he was a stylistic nightmare for Muhammad Ali! Taking all that into consideration one has to assume that Norton would have struggled had he fought over the last 10 years and not in the 70's!

So the haters need not be so ****sure of the 60's and 70's greats IMO! Yes these European fighters have also lost too but any argument that they would not be able to compete in the golden era is just laughable on the evidence above because if Cooper/Mildenberger/Garcia and Bugner can give them fits then just ask yourself....

And in truth there have been some fine american fighters of recent years ...Byrd, Brock, Brewster, Rahman, Chambers, Thompson, Arreola, Mcline etc. They are just down played because they are playing second fiddle!

The four main protaganists battering the **** out of each other (As great as them fights were!) should not equate to supremacy over any fighter who came before or since! Im a fan of Big George and Frazier etc but they do get overrated...

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