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Default Re: why did Arturo Gatti get inducted ahead of Prince Naseem?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
Hamed would have been a great pick with Virgil Hill. I have no argument about Gatti except for the guys like Hamed who did not make it in. Some people mention Donald Curry, but I am not sure he deserves it over others who are up for nomination.
Curry didn't have the longevity of some fighters, but I think the "boom and bust" angle gets overstated when people argue against him being HOF worthy.

His best wins (Starling x2, McCrory) are significantly better than the best wins for Hamed or Gatti. He also beat genuine world class opposition in Rosi and Jones, unified a division, and with the exception of Jacquot he generally only lost to outstanding fighters.

In terms of ambigiuous **** like "impact", he was a the (joint) Ring fighter of the year (in a year where Hagler demolished Hearns), and at one time was regarded by many as the best fighter in the sport. Most fighters who get thrown into HOF discussions can't come close to making such claims.

Curry isn't an ATG, but he deserves a place in the hall for the quality of his wins and achievements.
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