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Default Re: Now who's the leader of their generation: Pacquiao or Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Reppin501 View Post
Lol...the best of his generation? SMFH...just wow! "fighters age different"? No, some fighters actually work on and perfect their craft, hence as their athletic ability begins to deminish they don't get sparked the **** out by 39 year old career LW's, and get written off as "finished" at 33 years old. Clearly he's not what he was made out to be (as many here have said for years), it doesn't mean he's not great...he's just not anything more than a sub elite boxer, who relied on athletic ability and carefully selected opponents to build his brand. I respect his contributions and accomplishments but he's not on Mayweathers level and that's fairly obvious to anyone with one sliver of objectivity.
Don't worry about PHILLA, he's a known Pacquiao nutthugger. I remember him putting Pacquiao on Sugar Ray Leonard's level and giving him a chance to beat him. He tries to look unbiased but he's really a fanboy.
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