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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

[quote=general zod;14390640]
Jones always did what he wanted to do whether Levin agreed or not. It's the reason why Levin would walk out on him back in 00
Again I respect your opinion, but Roy was very close to Fred and Stan when he was younger, and I've heard Stan say that he didn't want to deal with King. I've also read that Fred didn't want to deal with him either.

Jones needed to make the Tito fight because his contract had been cancelled by HBO after his lacklustre performance against Tarver. From that point onwards it was Jones's opponents who decided if Jones's fights would get picked up by the network
That's right, Roy has used Don when it's suited him, but he's always being wary of him.

When he was 26 in 1995, and he was with the Levin's, he had lots of options. If they couldn't or didn't want to deal with King, they had other places to go, like 175. Roy didn't need him as much back then.

In 2007/2008 he needed King to put him back in the spotlight. He wanted Joe or a Hopkins rematch, and he used King.

Part of the reason Jones relinquished the WBA title was to get out from underneath King's control. In his contract for the Ruiz bout, Jones would have to have King as his promoter as long as he defended the title.
This is just an opinion. Roy hoped to stay at heavy. Murad tried to get him other fights, while Tarver was baiting him at every opportunity. We know Murad tried to get him fights with Holy, Tyson and Lewis. I don't know if Roy could have defended his belt against those challengers, because I don't know what the WBA rankings were. What were the details of the King contract?

Was it for a WBA defence, or was it if he fought anyone at all at heavy? I'm sure Roy would have been happy to use Don again, as long as it was in his own best interests. Murad says he made Roy $17M for Ruiz in total.

Jones has said a lot of thing over the years. Like I said before I tend to take a lot of what Jones says "with a pinch of salt.
Once again, I respect your opinion, but it's good enough for me.

I'm not really sure where you're going with this?

I've never said that Roy never wanted to deal with Don.

What I said is, when he was with Fred and Stan in the mid 90's, they didn't want to deal with Don.

Levin said he would not turn Jones over to King to meet anyone in the promoter's stable of 168-pounders, starting with the opponent who makes the most sense, Nigel Benn of England, but also including WBA champion Frankie Liles.

Like I say, Roy was 26 back then, with a big future still ahead of him, and he was very close to the Levin's at that point of his career.

He was 34 for Ruiz, at a different stage of his life, with a different advisor/promoter in Murad Muhammad, although Fred was still in the background.

He was 39 when he fought Tito, and he was looking for a way back to the big time.

Roy has always been wary of Don, but when it's been beneficial to him, then he's worked with him.

You asked me the question, if Roy didn't want to deal with King in 1995, then why was he willing to in 2001, and why did he in 2003 and 2007/2008?

The best answer I can give, is that they all came at different stages in Roy's career. He was older, with other people around him like Brad Jacobs, then Murad, and each time he dealt with Don, his circumstances were completely different.

Regards, Loudon.

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