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Default Re: More skilled: Eder Jofre or Ricardo Lopez

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
No way is Lopez the superior hitter, despite his aesthetically pleasing K.Os. He was a fantastic puncher, but if he hit like a middle that unheralded Mongkol, admittedly nails, would not have taken the drubbing he did and still be alive.

Also, Jofre beat a lot of good featherweights. Look at the difference in weight scaled between the two. Lopez could've moved up and somehow sparked Arbachakov inside a round and would still be a bit behind Jofre.

One could say if Jorfe hit harder, then maybe Fighting Harda would have respected him a bit more. I disagree, in a pound for pound sense, Lopez hit harder. However, I can change my opinion If you have rare Jorfe footage, post it here. There is a DVD from Brazil on Jorfe that has some clips seldom seen in North America.
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