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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Watson II:
His body shots were hurting Eubank, which is why Eubank became over protective of his body during the later rounds

Watson dropped him during the 11th with a right hook

Benn I:
Hurt Eubank with body shots

Refused to fight McCallum because he knew McCallum would focus on his body

Toney hurts Eubank with body shots, whether you like it or not.

Eubank was never stopped on body shots - Toney isn't stopping Eubank, deal with it.

]Point 1:[/b] I asked you about the fight and you quote my post? You have not watched that fight. Feel free to prove me wrong by describing Evander's strategy during that fight

Point 2: There is no difference between the hand speed of Tyson and Holyfield so it was a bad example to start with


Holyfield lands a cracking counter and puts Tyson down.

Holyfield did not have faster hands. He had a great strategy of timing Tyson on the way in with right hands and then tieing up, and countering Tyson's left hooks throughout the fight.

So you quote a fight you don't even remember?
That automatically disqualifies the Jones-Griffin I fight seeing as how you dont even remember what happened during it
I posted up a video that shows Griffin landing counter punches.

I don't remember every minute of the fight, do you? What a silly thing to say

Quote: takes you back in time to revisit all the action of fights gone by. In this unique series, get a firsthand look at what it's like to experience the physical, mental and emotional ups and downs of a professional prizefight. Find out what the fighters were going through before, during and after the fights as they relive some of the highlights of their most memorable bouts. On March 21, 1997, Montell Griffin became the first man to put a blemish on the record of Roy Jones Jr. when the previously undefeated fighter landed two shots that would ultimately get him disqualified. Check out how Montell Griffin remembers what turned out to be one of the most definitive moments of his career.

At the time, we knew Roy didn't like pressure, so we wanted to bring it right back to him. He wanted to fight when he wanted to fight, and you want to fight when he don't want to fight, so we worked on putting pressure on him and just counter-punching him and the main thing was just keep my hands up

Further to that, watch the video I posted. Don't be disingenuous.

Well you considered it wrong.
No, you considered it wrong

So I will say it again. Benn tended to load up on his shots which made them harder but SLOWER.

Post up a clip which shows Benn throwing a fast combination.


For instance, see the uppercut and left hook on Barkley around 1:40, or go to 1:55

Benn was more agile than Toney no doubt - you're in denial because you're a James Toney fanboy - evidenced by the fact that you argue when you've clearly been proven wrong, and you take any comment about Toney on a personal level - denial, projection, distortion - textbook defence mechanisms which are on display in your posts. I bet you'll bring up something completely unrelated to this discussion in your response in an attempt to deflect away from this or defend yourself.

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