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Default Re: If Pacquaio is so Overrated, Why does JMM get Credit?

Originally Posted by thatguy View Post
He's not an 8 division champ! 150 belts don't exist, he's a fraud!
Ever since mayweather brought the ped accusations PAC hasn't had a knockout, he's a ****in cheat! **** PAC and his stupid fans!
Mayweather>jmm>fanny PAC
Deal with it!
You just cant go around accusing fighters of being on PEDS just because you have a dislike for em . Sorry It just doesnt work that way , Especially when the fighter has never given us a reason to suspect him . Its not like hes destroying these fighters in 2 or 3 rounds . His last stoppage win was Cotto and it took him 12 rounds to finish him off . Hes also never failed any drug tests in his career . You need to learn how to put your personal feelings to the side , and learn how to be a realistic boxing fan .

Btw You are accurate when you mentioned the fact that there is no 150 pound title ,But if you seemed to forget Margarito weighed a shocking 165 pounds when he fought Manny ,so therefore it doesnt matter what the catchweight was, Pac was basically facing off against a supermiddleweight in that fight .
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