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Default Re: If Pacquaio is so Overrated, Why does JMM get Credit?

First of all, I'd would agree that Pac is now overrated

Secondly, JMM gets the credit of exposing his overratedness

And third of all, JMM also gets the credit for beating a supposedly "great" fighter who is faster, stronger, more powerful and way younger than him.

And what's hilarious is that JMM is already way passed the prime, cause an almost 40-year is already considered ancient for God's sake.

What's JMM's best weapon, a proper brain with a good common sense, which ironically is now Pac's proven weakness.

If I think JMM is someone who Pac can't really beat, I'd be shutting my mouth now and say "JMM is actually the better fighter" but it isn't the case for me.

Still, a full credit for JMM though and it should be.

4 fights, still the same gameplan JMM imposed and Pac never adjusted right on it.

Nice effort for Pac but brilliant tactic for JMM to capitalize on Pac's limited brain.
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