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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

[quote=general zod;14391246]
It was the same condition that Evander was offered if he wanted to fight Jones.
That's fine. It wasn't in Holy's best interests at the time, and he too was wary of Don, just like Roy and everybody that ever worked with him was.

You should take what Murad says with a pinch of salt

Holyfield was not going to accept those terms
Lewis had his own problems with Vitali and the WBC
Tyson refused to work with King in any shape or form
That doesn't mean that Murad didn't try to make the fights, and Roy wasn't serious about wanting to fight them. Alton Merkerson says that Roy left his Ruiz weight on in the hope of getting Tyson. In the links I've given, you've got details of Roy and Mike talking to each other. Lewis sounded more than up for the fight, that were apparent in your links that you once posted before he fought Vitali.

As it stated Jones had to keep King as a promoter as long as he defended the wba hw belt
I understand that. But if Murad could have made the Tyson fight and the others, would Roy have defended the belt against those guys? Would the WBA have been happy with that? and what would King's involvment have been?

The writer of that article is implying that Roy dropped the belt to evade working with Don. But like I say, he wanted other fights at heavy, and I think he'd have worked with Don if it'd have been in his best interests, just like he did in 2007 and 2008. So I don't agree with the writer of the article. I also don't agree that he ran back to 175, when he found out Vitali was his mandatory.

Why did King end of promoting Tarver-Jones II?
Tell me.

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