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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Benn was not putting Eubank under pressure during their rematch. He was trying to outbox Eubank in the middle of the ring. It was Eubank's sloppy footwork that caused him to fall
I was referring more so to their first encounter - Where Benn hurt Eubank with body shots in rounds 5-7 and actually staggered Eubank at one point. The second didn't have nearly the same pace or ferociousness

You clearly have not watched that fight

Are you ok? I think you've repeated yourself now 150000 times with this same tired comment.

Collins was primarily a counter puncher, which tells me how many fights of Collins you have actually watched.

During his first fight with Eubank he took the center of the ring drew leads from Eubank and counter-punched. Eubank never looked good against counter-punchers. In fact his record should be 0-3 against them which tells you how well he would of done against Toney
I take it you've never seen Collins-Eubank 2

Calzaghe was not a counter puncher
Never said he was, but he developed his counter punching and became good at it

That's just plain stupid. That picture is what Toney looked like after he had put on 17 lbs of water weight. This is what he looked like before he rehydrated using a IV drip

Jones rehydrated as well, and he didn't have excess fat around his stomach. All fighters do, Julio Chavez Jr rehydrates 20+ pounds and he doesn't come into the ring with a stomach like Toney's. Peak Toney was of course at MW, but he was more comfortable at LHW than at SMW where he could make the divisional limit more easily

point 1:
You haven't watched any of Collins fight, which is why you didn't know he was a counter puncher
No, it's you that hasn't seen Collins fight. Go watch Collins-Mccallum, go watch Collins-Eubank 2.

point 2:
That's one of my previous posts which you have just reworded
Pathetic. Stop debating like a child

How can you when you haven't even watched any of Collins fights?

Once again, childish comment

Eubank moved up just fine. You do know he had around 4 fights at that weight, right? Griffin at the end of the day was a counter-puncher, better than Collins and Schommer.
starting at MW and ending up at LHW isn't the same as starting at LHW. Ask anyone

No, it wasn't. Jmm should of won by a 8-4 type decision

You haven't watched that fight. You have just gone onto boxrec and seen the official decision. The fact that you are unable to show any evidence that you have watched that fight tells me all I need to know.

My scorecard

Round Toney Thadzi
1 10 9
2 10 9
3 10 9
4 10 10
5 10 9
6 9 10
7 10 10
8 10 9
9 9 10
10 10 9
11 9 10
12 9 10

Total 116-114 Toney

You have two 10-10 rounds?

Ahh, the boxrec defence, original. A nice cop out because you have nothing else to say.

Go on then, run me through rounds 11 and 12, how did Thadzi close the distance against Toney? Finally, what did Freddie Roach say to Toney between rounds after round 10 and 11? If you've seen it, you'll know. You refuse to accept Toney lost because you are a fanboy

Who cares what other people think? Either you have your own opinion on the fight or you do not.

Many fights are subjective, opinions are important in close fights. Toney should not have gone life and death with a guy like Drake Thadzi, only you seem to argue that it wasn't a close fight, I wonder why

All fighters who fight a lot turn in lacklustre performances from time to time. At the end of the day he got outworked, not out-boxed. Tiberi was offered an immediate rematch and he chose to retire instead.

Excuses. Tiberi retired because he was disgusted at the robbery. But a rematch wouldn't take away what happened in the first fight.

Mayweather lost the first Castillo fight


Eubank got out-boxed by Schommer, not outworked which is very different from what happened to Toney. This tells us that Schommer had better skills than Eubank. It should be pointed out that Eubank never fought let alone beat a top fighter with an unconventional style. Hence the fact he missed the following: Nunn, R.Johnson, Jones, Toney, McCallum, Kalamby, Graham and Liles.

You have an agenda against Eubank.

Before you claimed that Toney was not as his best at smw. I responded to your post and now you are trying to distance yourself from it? The fact is that at smw Toney was:

Toney was at his best at MW

-Ranked no 1 by the Ring, above Eubank

-Made the p4p top ten, which meant he was widely considered to be elite
-Regularly turned in dominant performances

All true, but still, styles make fights and you never know what can happen. I personally can see Eubank taking a close decision. I saw posts from silencer and bailey which highlighted the 'top opposition' Toney turned in dominant performances against after winning the title from Barkley, which puts it all into perspective.

[quote]The fact that a lot of C+ fighters had the style to give Eubank fits tells you a lot about him. He should of lost the following fights: Benn II, Sherry, Thornton and Schommer. Watson was clearly the better fighter during their rematch


Collins stayed in the middle of the ring and counter-punched. He scored with jabs and right hand leads. Stepped out of range to avoid Eubank's lunging attacks, then stepped into range and landed right hand counters
What fight were you watching?

Go watch Collins-Eubank 2

You obviously have not watched Toney-McCallum I

Oh the irony you seem to reference Eubank-Collins 1 alot, and just discard Collins-Eubank 2 as though it never happened.

Collins - Eubank I


Ok Zod, out of curiosity, who would win between James Toney and Jake Lamotta at MW?
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