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Default Re: Andy ruiz jr stopping elijah mccall

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
I agree with this.

I remember talking about the heavyweight division a while ago, and I said that neither Klitschko has faced a guy who throws good combinations, can body punch and things like that. It's rare to see it these days because most of the big heavyweights just time a single power punch to the head, over and over again. Even Wlad does that. Ruiz may be out of shape but **** it, he is bringing something different to the table. In a division full of stiff, predictable punchers, he is bringing speed, combinations and workrate. That's a good thing.
I agree with everything you said except that he's out of shape. Andy's not out of shape... he just doesn't have a body that looks like it's in shape. But whatever... I'd rather him be a badass in the ring w/ a soft body than a pushover w/ a chiseled one.
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