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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Great response
Better than yours

I said that you have not watched that fight. It's obvious by your lack of knowledge of the fight. So you go and watch a highlight of the fight. Proving my point all along.

Posting up a highlight = haven't seen the fight

Once again, great response

You posted up a highlight video of James Toney earlier, so by your logic = you've never seen James Toney fight

I never said he did. I said their hand-speed was about the same
You're tripping up all over yourself - You said counter punchers have to be faster - now you concede that Holyfield was able to counter Tyson even though he was no quicker

You said

Originally Posted by general zod View Post

Toney takes the lead:
Toney had much better handspeed and reflexes than Eubank. So its going to be hard for Eubank to find opening for counters. To be effective as a counter puncher you really need to have a speed advantage over your opponent, something which Eubank does not have in this h2h fight.

If Eubank cant even beat a limited fighter like Collins than there is no way he beats someone like Toney
Toney wide ud
general zod on ***** street

What does that mean?
think about it really really hard

Then surely you can now tell me the counters Griffin was landing and what punches of Jones Griffin was countering?
Go watch round 8, when Jones scored the KD in round 7, he went in for the kill in round 8, in particularly Griffin was able to evade and counter Jones lead right hands and lunging left hooks. I felt Griffin won round 8 after almost getting stopped in round 7. Though I feel Jones had truly got to him in round 9

Of course I do.
Griffin hit Jones and staggered him with a left hand, what round did that happen in and what did Jones do after getting caught?

So let me get this right. I asked you what punches of Jones Griffin was countering and your response is to:
- Post up a vid of Jones-Griffin I, with a vague description
-Post up an excerpt from Griffin saying he was counter punching?

Better than describing it myself, I provide a video. You were left with egg on your face, and now you're debating like a child. Also you have Griffin describing how he fought, where he talks about how he counter punched. But nope, the video of the fight, and one of the combatants describing it still isnt' right.

If it doesn't suit zod's agenda, it has to be wrong

Let me get this right.
Calzaghe throws a bunch of amateurish slaps which Hopkins evades. Before Calzaghe can initiate another attack Hopkins leads with a headbutt then follows through with a right hook. That's what you consider to be counter-punching?

You clearly don't know what counter punching is do you

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