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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
Still, Jones never crossed over for some reason. He had his rap career but that was hit and miss, he had great skills and an exciting style, but he never seemed to generate the popularity and publicity like Mayweather, Tyson, Pacquiao or ODLH. He wasn't a superstar.

Though it's a good point he never had an ODLH or a Mike Tyson to make a name off

You said Ward-Dawson was a masterpiece - you consider that version of Dawson who killed himself to make 168 a great fighter? Also Iran Barkley was NOT a great fighter!

An example of a masterclass between great fighters would be Thomas Hearns-Wilfred Benitez
But Wach is?
I said Wards performance was a technical masterpiece. It was a fighter appliying all of his trade to the best of his ability. A showcase of pure boxing skill. Wlad jabbed Wach for 12 rounds and when he felt safe he threw a right hand. Do into the classic and declare that fight a boxing masterclass. You'd be laughed off the forum.
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