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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
How many more times?

Lou De Bella and HBO, DID NOT want to make the Collins fight at that point.
Where have they said that?
Collins had been inactive, and he wasn't a mandatory etc.
So do you think as Collins wasnt mandatory, he wouldnt have been a better challenge than R Frazier
Roy had 2 belts at 175 at the time, and HBO wanted Roy to fight Reggie Johnson
Who wasnt a mandatory either
(who'd beaten Collins) to UNIFY the division instead of facing Collins.
so because Collins lost by close debateable decision 2 divisions lower, that holds weight with you , You obviously havent seen the fight
That's what ended up happening. HBO dismissed Collins and then made the fight with Reggie.
Think that was Jones dismissing that challenge. Once again, thats video evidence for you Loudon, whilst you make assumptions
Roy fought Reggie in his very next fight after Frazier.

Reggie was the bigger fight.
How was R Johnson, title or not a bigger fight, than a fighter who went to SMW and never lost and had beaten Eubank and Benn?

Roy wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to unify the division, to fight a guy who'd been retired and who didn't even fight at that weight.
Did he challenge Michalczewski? NO NO NO
Hopkins priced himself out of a rematch (which you have agreed on, in a previous thread.)
I agree, Hopkins didnt want to face Jones then
You can go to post 78 of this thread, and you can read up on the difficulty of making the DM fight.
Just show me it
Also, in January 2000, Roy fought David Telesco
Which wasnt a much fight. Point is, the 2 biggest challenges for Jones on offer there and Roy didnt take those 2 when on offer
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